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The buy and hold myth is the biggest white collar crime ever committed against the American investor.

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“Gold Nuggets” June 13, 2005
“When we… cover a site that touts potentially lucrative returns, we do so only if past performance of the individual or service can be tracked. And if there’s a wall between commentary and advertising. EquiTrend fits our criteria.”

“EquiTrend” July 18, 2005
How developed its services to become a leading advisor to investors trading with instead of against the market.

“Trend Research Tool Tops Charts” February 4, 2005
Hedge funds also use top performing to screen their trading activity.

“John McClure of EquiTrend” March 16, 2005
How’s clients stay on the right side of the market, including when it makes its biggest moves.

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Market Busting Returns:

EquiTrend produces average yearly profits of 61%! A $10,000 investment five years ago is $108,176 today and $100,000 has multiplied to $1,081,756! Imagine the joy and satisfaction that comes from eye popping gains like these.

Whether the market is up, down or sideways, you make money. EquiTrend is a mechanical, end of day market timing system based on a proprietary mathematical algorithm that measures more than 30 different weighted ratios of market activity. The system creates a composite score, similar to a credit score, and then confirms it using other market indicators. The buy and sell signals generated by the system substantially outperform major indices in all market environments.

I have developed my own technical based systems for managing my money. EquiTrend compliments my own work by keeping me on the correct side of the market. I am not sure what you guys are doing but it has helped me a great deal with my trading. Keep up the good work.
M.J. Texas

Bulletproof Safety:

EquiTrend is built to minimize risk so you can trade with complete confidence and assurance that your precious capital is protected and sheltered while it grows.

Bear market meltdowns can wipe out 20, 30, even 50% of your nest egg, but that won’t concern you because EquiTrend is designed to move you to the sidelines before a downturn. During The Millennium Bear Market of 2000-2002, EquiTrend averaged gains over 50% a year while Wall Street brokers and mutual funds let their clients lose trillions. As an EquiTrend subscriber, you’ll be out of harm’s way when the bear bites again.


Breakthrough Performance for IRA and 401K Retirement Plans:

EquiTrend’s double digit profits deliver you the robust, inflation proof cash flow needed for a well-heeled, satisfying retirement. Just think how much larger your nest egg will be and how much more cash flow you’ll have with your money bringing in over 50% a year instead of the paltry 7 or 8% historically produced by the stock market!

You can accelerate your profits because EquiTrend’s safety record allows you to commit a substantial portion of your assets to the plan. Modern portfolio theory and asset allocation guarantee that large chunks of your money will always under perform the market. But with EquiTrend, a significant part of your entire nest egg can steadily grow so you’ll have plenty of cash to do anything and everything you’ve ever wanted.

The system is compatible with mutual funds, Exchange-Traded Funds, index funds and even more restrictive 401K plan offerings. You can use EquiTrend with any retirement plan, and when you do, you’ll enjoy the comfort and serenity of knowing your investment and your future are secure.


Stock Trading, Stock Tips, Stock Picks, Stock Trends, and Stock Investing:

EquiTrend can super charge your stock investing! In a bull market, 60% of stocks increase in value and in a bear market 90% of stocks decrease in value. In other words, the tide lifts and sinks most boats.
In a declining market, even the best stock picks will decrease in value.

Using EquiTrend in conjunction with your favorite stocks tips is like betting on the winning horse before the race begins. Accurately predicting the markets direction can help you capitalize on important stock investment picks. Stock trading and marketing timing can produce incredible returns. How do you know which stock picks work the best with EquiTrend?

In the performance section of the EquiTrend site, there is a powerful tool we call the Interactive Performance Calculator. Simply type in your favorite stock symbol into the calculator and hit submit. Our calculator will produce a performance report displaying the stock trading profits your would have received from buying and selling your favorite stock picks while following EquiTrend’s marketing timing algorithm. Stock investing has never been so much fun as you stay up to date on stock market trends.


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With EquiTrend, you’re never alone. You’re part of the EquiTrend Community of Successful Investors and have access to every bit of information and support you’ll need to be successful

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